London –  Interesting buildings and big city life

1.Stories and tips

Top 5 attractions:

1. British Museum

2. Westminster

3. Madame Tussaud

4. Sherlock Holmes Museum

5. National Maritime Museum

London – an interesting city

Tourists visit many quite interesting places
attractions. There are several in London. I think
looking at them gives a limited and superficial picture
From London. So it’s time to look at that city a little
deeper than the surface.

It impressed me so much that the interest continues
although I first visited there five years ago in the summer of 2015.
London has a very interesting cityscape and mundane London
may surprise the traveler.

A wide variety of buildings from different eras are full of surprises as well
details. Just around the corner you may find several floors high
modern building. Many parks also color the cityscape of London.

They are downright tempting to spend a small peaceful moment in the park
on the bench. Numerous different museums and art galleries again attract the tourist to get acquainted with the art or history of different eras. I recommend the Museum of London, where you get a good picture of how London has changed its long history during. However, everyone forms their own perception of London.


1.Stories and tips

Top 5 attractions:

1. The King’s Castle

2. Photographic museums

3. Medeltids museums

4. Historical museums

5. Nordic museums



1.Stories and tips

Top 5 attractions

1. Turku Linna

2. Museum of Crafts

3. Aurajoki

4. Turku Art Museum

5. Portsa